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Multiomics and Sportomics Analysis

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Sportomics is a relatively new field that combines the science of sports with the study of genetics and other biological data. One of the leaders in this field is Cosmo Group, a research and development organization that focuses on sports science and personalized nutrition. One of the areas that Cosmo Group is researching is the use of exosomes, which are tiny vesicles that are released by cells, in nanomedicine. Exosomes have a variety of potential uses in medicine, including the delivery of drugs to specific cells, and Cosmo Group is exploring their potential use in the treatment of conditions such as obesity and diabetes. The company’s research is at the cutting edge of this new field, and its work is helping to advance the science of Sportomics.
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Mastering multiomics to advance proactive health

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Fabrication en sous-traitance

We have set the “gold standard” when it comes to making supplements. We have the capacity to meet…


Sportomics combines the science of sports with the study of genetics and other biological data.

High-performance testing

In addition to the biomolecular diagnostics, you can also go to the lab for physical tests by the movement…

Multi-omics laboratory

We have the latest equipment in the field of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Liquid chromatography…

Research and Development

A custom formulation is defined as a product made exclusively for your company to your exact specifications…


Sportomics & Personalised Nutrition

Sportomics is the application of multi-omics in sport to investigate the metabolic effects of training. Through bioinformatics, all data from the multi-omics analysis is mapped. This enables informed decisions to
  • Minimise recovery time
  • Maximise training adaptations
  • Prevent overtraining and injuries
  • Personalise nutrition and supplements
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    Our collaboration projects between the public sector, industry and academia bring a
    real impact 

    EU and FDA registered and certified

    Cosmofarma is an EU and FDA registered and certified private label and contract manufacturing company. Making supplements for the health and sports industry more distinctive and enjoyable is what inspires our team.

    Compliant production

    Our facility in Belgium is designed for producing in separate clean rooms to prevent cross contamination between the supplements. Our different weighing, blending and packaging rooms comply with BRC, cGMP, Halal, Kosher, Organic, Vegan and Vegetarian requirements.

    Nutraceuticals with a triple A status

    We are constantly sourcing high quality ingredients to meet the demands of today’s customers’ needs. We will take the time to understand your unique needs to prepare nutraceuticals with a triple A status: available, affordable, and appetizing.


    Contract blending and contract packaging services to suit your needs. All enquiries are treated as confidential. Non-disclosure agreements are welcome. Expand your business whilst benefiting from our expertise, service and guaranteed quality management.

    Environmental Responsibility

    We strongly believe in responsible quality and sustainability. These values are more to us than an aspiration. They are part of our mission and we develop our products around that belief. As nature is our most important supplier, we treat it with great respect. We use safe alternatives for anything nature cannot provide. Additionally, we aim to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

    Superb natural flavours

    Through our taste improvement and modulation platform, Cosmogroup’s skilled product developers collaborate with you to ensure that your nutraceuticals have the unique taste that your consumers love. Our solutions for flavour creation and taste refinement are designed to fine-tune specific taste attributes, such as sweetness perception and overall flavour impact.

    Research and Development

    Our R&D team is specialised in sport specific nutrition. The requirements for sports supplements can vary greatly between difference sports, depending on the length of the activity, the intensity, dominant biomotor abilities and energy system requirements.

    Accredited systems

    Quality is the foundation on which our business stands. Our accredited systems coupled with our rigorous and uncompromising attention to detail ensure our customers get the best products available at a price that suits their budget.

    Improvement methodology

    Strong focus on Lean and Six Sigma philosophies. We have implemented the Lean Six Sigma management methodology to guarantee process improvement and operational excel-lence. We have brought this ground-breaking management method to life, and transmitted it to every last corner of our company.

    Lean Six Sigma

    In 2017, Cosmogroup implemented lean six sigma to improve productivity and availability.

    Private label solutions

    From organic vegetarian whey to vegan proteins and greens, there’s something for everyone. We are specialised in vegan, vegetarian and organic supplements. Bring your portfolio to the next level with our innovative formulations for hard capsules, gels, gummies, chewing gum, nutrition bars and powder blends. We offer a variety of recipes dedicated to nutrigenomics, personalized sport specific nutrition, weight management, nutricosmetics and e-sports.


    Cosmogroup has implemented an agile methodology for the development of our product. We take pride in being able to offer this unique service which is tailored towards meeting your needs as efficiently and effectively as possible

    our pride

    These sportsclubs chose already our innovation

    Innovation as the basis for intervention programmes to provide the most optimal environment
    in which the athlete can develop and optimise their full potential.

    Club Feyenoord

    Club Feyenoord

    Club Brugge

    Club Brugge

    Feyenoord Academy

    Feyenoord Academy

    Club NXT

    Club NXT

    Club YLA

    Club YLA

    Learn how a holistic approach with multi-omics is essential for long-term high-level performance and how this can contribute to ‘athletic longevity’.


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