Cosmogroup Onze Gameday Partner Tegen Eupen

On April 23, 2023, Club Brugge achieved a remarkable victory against Eupen, with a score of 7-0. It was a day of celebration and triumph for the team, and CosmoGroup, a leader in Sportomics and personalized nutrition, proudly served as Club Brugge’s game day partner. The original article detailing the significant role CosmoGroup can be found on the Club Brugge website.

Cosmogroup Onze Gameday Partner Tegen Eupen

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Sportomics is a relatively new field that combines sports science with the study of genetics and other biological data. It is changing the way we think about athletic performance, and CosmoGroup is one of the forerunners in this industry. As a research and development organization dedicated to sports science and personalized nutrition, CosmoGroup has been analyzing genetics and biological data to develop targeted nutrition plans and supplements that enhance sports performance for professional athletes.

Personalized Nutrition for Club Brugge by Cosmogroup

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CosmoGroup provides essential nutritional supplements to Club Brugge players, contributing significantly to the team’s overall success. All players from Club NXT U18 to the first team and the ladies of YLA, undergo analyses that direct training processes and nutrition strategies. The personalized supplements not only boost performance but also promote gut health, immunity, overall well-being, and cognitive function.

Cosmogroup Onze Gameday Partner Club Brugge Winner

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Simon Mignolet, laureaat van de Gouden Schoen in 2023, getuigde: "Dankzij de gepersonaliseerde supplementen voel ik mij fitter dan ooit om de belangrijkste fase van de competitie aan te vatten."

Club Brugge’s partnership with CosmoGroup demonstrates the power of personalized sports nutrition in achieving optimal performance. CosmoGroup’s innovative approach has been instrumental in helping Club Brugge achieve its success. If you are curious about the various services CosmoGroup has to offer, visit their website at Together, Club Brugge and CosmoGroup continue to break barriers and elevate the world of sports.