Official Supplier Cosmogroup draagt bij aan fitheid Feyenoord-selectie…

Cosmogroup is proud to be the Official Supplier of fitness, nutrition and performance solutions to leading Dutch football club, Feyenoord Rotterdam. This partnership will see Cosmogroup utilize cutting-edge technology and expertise to optimize the conditioning and development of Feyenoord’s squad.

Leveraging multiomics analysis, our scientists will gain comprehensive insights into each player’s unique biology and needs. These data enable us to provide highly personalized fitness programming, nutritional advice and supplements to support their goals. By collaborating closely with Feyenoord’s staff, we will monitor and enhance every aspect of the players’ physical preparation.

In a recent video shared on their LinkedIn page, Feyenoord provided glowing testimony about the impact of our fitness technology and training methodology during pre-season. Their coaches and players remarked on how these solutions are already giving them an edge in building strength, endurance and football-specific conditioning.

We are committed to equipping Feyenoord with the latest innovations to reach peak performance levels. Together, we aim to redefine the boundaries of fitness, nutrition and analytics in elite football.

Follow Cosmogroup and Feyenoord for ongoing updates on this groundbreaking partnership. We look forward to documenting the journey to give fans and the industry unique insights into how science and data can optimize human performance.