Belgian Food Industry

This week (11th – 17th of March), the Belgian King and Queen, some ministers and a delegation of 200 companies (including Cosmofarma) are staying in Canada. 14 of them are food and beverage producers. The last state visit to Canada dates back to 1977. They will visit three cities: Ottawa, Toronto and Montréal. One of the activities of the King and Queen is a meeting with Julie Pavette, Governor General and representative of the British Queen who is Head of State of Canada. The visit of the delegation is structured around 3 themes: the commemoration of the war history, de economic relation and the cultural and academic exchange.

Belgian food industry seeks opportunities for growth in Canada

The total export of goods from the European Union (EU-28) to Canada reached EUR 35,2 billion in 2016. Belgium represented a part of 5,6% which made it the sixth most important exporter of goods to Canada. Exports of Belgian food and drink products to the Canadian market went up by an average 10% per year in recent times, with the implementation of the CETA trade agreement creating even more opportunities. Which is why the federation of the Belgian food industry (Fevia) is training the spotlight on Belgian food and beverages with the “ – Small country. Great food.” promotional brand.

Fevia President Jean Eylenbosch explains why this state visit is important to his sector: “Canada currently ranks as our 4th biggest overseas sales market, representing 133 million euros in turnover. Moreover, recent years have witnessed our exports to Canada grow by an average 10% per annum. Beer and chocolate in particular are doing very well but we are confident that the Canadian market holds further potential to step up exports of our innovative quality products”.

Belgium’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Reynders also recognises the importance of Belgian food and beverages for the country’s reputation abroad. As such, he will be pushing the products of the food companies taking part in the mission into the limelight at the official Belgian receptions to be held in Ottawa and Montreal.

But Cosmofarma proofs that Belgium has more to offer than just chocolate and beer. We are acting in response to the Canadian trend in the area of superfoods with vegan and vegetarian nutritional supplements. To make its products, we use raw materials from Canada and Europe.

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