Cosmogroup Sustainable Plan

In 2018 we have adapted a lot of our policies around sustainability

In 2019 we will continue and even extend our Corporate Sustainable Responsibility. We have set up a sustainable policy plan to support our efforts


            1. CosmoGroup selects its suppliers critically

              To avoid illegal and dubious trade, we examine every potential supplier before we start working with them. One of our criteria is that they also have to make sustainable efforts. The certification of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems or the ISO 26000 Social Corporate Responsibility is a good guidance. This standard provides practical tools for companies and organizations of all kind to manage their environmental responsibilities. By this, we can guarantee our ingredients, raw materials, packaging, etc. is harvested or produced in an environmental friendly way.

            2. CosmoGroup ensures a sustainable procurement policy

              Next to price, quality and delivery time, we also focus on sustainability in our purchasing decisions. We evaluate the social and environmental aspect of every purchase. We discuss our long term relationships with our supplier to guarantee transparency, improvement in processes and an efficient procurement policy. That is the reason why we select our supplier in a very secure way. In addition we also try to look for European suppliers, so we have a less transport distance.

            3. CosmoGroup dresses its employees in sustainable clothes

              We can assure our occupational wear comes from European factories and is made of sustainable fabrics. Our supplier continuously seeks for quality, innovation and improvements. Occupational wear includes also protective clothing to guarantee the safety of our employees during the production process.

            4. CosmoGroup and social welfare

              At CosmoGroup we invest a lot in human capital. By creating commitment, our employees are active participant in our mission and values. Next to this, we invest in a good work-life-balance. Happy and motivated employees can only benefit our activities. Besides, we strongly support equal opportunities. In our multicultural team we employ women, men, young and old. To improve the knowledge of our employees, we organize frequently in company training.

            5. CosmoGroup and organic production

              At CosmoGroup we have adapted our production to be able to produce organic products as well. These means we had to reorganize our production department, look for organic ingredients and raw material but we also had to adapt our way of working. The 4 organic principles are

                  • Health: sustain and enhance the health of soil, plant, animal and human as one and indivisible.
                  • Ecology: organic production should be based on living ecological systems, work with them, emulate them and help sustain them with the help of it.
                  • Fairness: building relationships that ensure fairness with regard to the common environment and life opportunities.
                  • Care: organic production should be managed in a precautionary and responsible manner to protect the health and wellbeing of current and future generations and the environment.
            6. CosmoGroup and recycled packaging

              At CosmoGroup we want to prevent the overall deforestation by using recycled packaging. Our carton boxes are from certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) material. A product that carries this kind of label, takes care of a better management of the worldwide forest resources.Not only our cartons packaging is sustainable, also our plastic packaging is form innovative PET solutions that also afterwards can be recycled again. The light weight of PET makes its production and transportation easier. Due to this, our supplier can reduce the carbon emission during production, which is an important effort towards environmental protection.
              Unfortunately, we don’t always have free choice to choose for eco-friendly packaging. We have consciously chosen for not using unwanted chemical like preservatives and colouring agents. Therefore, we have limited options for a safe and qualitive packaging because we have to be able to guarantee the quality and shelf life of the product. The products are packed under protective atmosphere.We are processing an all going investigation to find sustainable solution for packaging that is not yet sustainable.

            7. CosmoGroup digitalize its paperwork

              At CosmoGroup we try to print as little as possible. We have an online document sharing tool for our employees, communication with customers and suppliers is by phone or e-mail and we will be updating our stock management with a digital batch report system. If we use paper, it is from certified FSC® material.

            8. CosmoGroup and its effort in renewable energy

              One of the main raisons for the melting of the polar ice is the global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore we try to switch as much as possible to renewable energy. We have for example change all our lighting equipment from TL to LED. LED lighting is much more energy-efficient and have a long lifespan and is therefore eco-friendly. We also adapted our vehicle fleet and ask our energy supplier Eandis to install a digital indicator of our energy consumption.

            9.  CosmoGroup and Fairtrade chocolate flavour

              Over the past years, we have seen the customer demand for responsible sourced cocoa continues to grow. Therefore, CosmoGroup decided to use fair trade chocolate for all BSFood product with the flavour ‘Belgium Chocolate’.The raw ingredients for the chocolate, including the cocoa, sugar and natural vanilla come from African countries and are certified Fairtrade. The production of the chocolate is situated in Belgium.The Fairtrade Certification Mark ensures that the product meets certain economic, social and environmental standards. The mark is the most widely recognized social and development label in the world, and a registered trademark of Fairtrade International (FLO).

            10. CosmoGroup’s plant source ingredients as core business

              At CosmoGroup our core business is producing plant sourced Food & Sport Supplements. By producing and consuming plant based food and supplements, we can reduce our ecological footprint. We use safe alternatives for anything nature cannot supply, like for example plant sourced micronutrients. Our products are produced with strict policies against animal testing. Each product is guaranteed cruelty free and lab tested.

            11. Cosmogroup and its waste policy

              As conscious company we also pay a lot of attention to our waste policy. All the garbage from our production is sorted and collected by specialised waste management facilities. Besides, except from our production activities, we only use reclycled rain water (restrooms, washing the cars, etc.).

            12. CosmoGroup uses micro-algae from safe near shore systems

              Most of the di and tripeptides, omega 3 and vitamins and minerals come from animals. But also algae are an important source of these ingredients. We have chosen to use only the plant based sources in our BSFood range. Algae can be a proper alternative for alimentation. It doesn’t always have to be cultivated in warm areas, also North-Western Europa is suitable for algae production. We only purchase algae cultivated in Europe in near shore systems. This means less transport distance and a safe harvest for marine animals.

            13.  CosmoGroup and its environmentally conscious vehicle fleet

              The continuous traffic flow and the associated air pollution are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to global warming. To prevent actively more damage to the hole in the ozone layer, we have adapted our vehicle fleet. Our company cars are electric or CNG-powered. For the transport of our goods, we work with transport company’s who’s trucks ride on gasoline of the 6th generation.

            14.  CosmoGroup invests in ergonomic furniture

              Because our employees’ health is important to us we have invested in ergonomic furniture, like for example reclining office chairs. But we also did some adaptation to our production lines. We have installed extra machines and devices so our employees have to lift less heavy bags.

            15. CosmoGroup invests in research to biomass rest streams

              With environmental awareness in our mind we searched for high quality ingredients which are the result of sustainable protein recovery technology from biomass rest streams. Thanks to this research we can use extracted nutrients from waste products. By doing that, we can avoid a huge amount of food waste. We support various Research team of universities to learn more about the possibilities of food waste and to develop eco-friendly ways to use rest streams.We try use as much as biomass in our BSFood products. In the Vegandelight for example, we use among other things protein from defatted organic peanuts.

            16. CosmoGroup gives his employees the possibility to work from home

              The employees working in the administration, marketing, communication, etc. have the possibility to work from home at least one day per week. This opportunity not only has advantages for the employees, but also for the environment, namely less emission from the cars. The employees have a variable work schedule, don’t have to stress about traffic jams, etc.

            17. CosmoGroup and innovation

              At CosmoGroup we invest a lot in innovation, but we always keep in mind the innovation is focused on ecological aspects. We work very closely with different universities to support them in the Research & Development of alternative raw materials and ingredients like for example from biomass rest stream. Also in our Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing principles we try to find the right balance between human, planet and economy.