Preventing Hamstring Injuries in Professional Football Players: The Benefits of Cosmomedics and Increased Awareness of Risk Factors

Football is a physical sport that can often lead to injuries. Hamstring injuries are the most common and can be very difficult to treat. However, …

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Cosmogroup : Improve your Athletic Performance with Sports Science – Biodex System 4

At Cosmogroup, we believe that innovative sports science and personalised nutrition are the keys to unlocking human potential . One of its divisions, Cosmomedics, helps …

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A New Era of Sport-Focused Supplementation

On October 22, 2022, Cosmogroup presented “sportomics” at the EPIC sports summit in Kortrijk Xpo – Belgium. This was a successful event with great networking …

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Exosomes in nanomedicine

The famous cousin. Mesenchymal stem cells, as a potential therapeutic tool, are currently a star of the clinical field. Isolated cells are nevertheless classified as …

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Cosmogroup Presents Sportomics At The EPIC Sports Summit

On October 22, 2022, Cosmogroup will present Sportomics at the EPIC Sports Summit in Kortrijk Xpo, Belgium. ” A bridge between your experiments and dreams” …

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Cosmogroup : Gelukkige en gezonde werknemers

De Cosmogroup werknemers krijgen de kans om via een aangeboden fiets-leaseplan hun dagelijkse woon-, werkverkeer op een sportieve ecologische manier te ondernemen. Via het fiets-leaseplan …

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