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Personalized nutrition by translating nutrigenetic/nutrigenomic research into dietary supplements. Nutrition has the most important life-long environmental impact on human health. Traditionally, nutrition research has dealt with providing nutrients to nourish populations. Nowadays, it focuses on improving the health and performance of individuals through diet. Today’s power of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics lies in improving our understanding of diet–gene interactions. Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics are the sciences; personalized nutrition is the resulting concept and application.

To give an answer to these tools, we developed a whole range of food supplements in different ready to market concepts because it has become apparent that consumers respond differently to diet, depending on their genetic makeup, lifestyle, environment and their targets. At the end of the day, food supplements must work and do what they promise while they comply In with all aspects of EU health claims and regulations. The products are notified and their claims are accurate and based on scientific evidence.