Bee Hotel Project

Because nature is our most important supplier, we treat it with respect and we do everything we can to avoid its destruction. Therefore, we are proud to sponsor and to encourage different projects that support the environment.bee hotel
We supported for example the bee project of Go! Atheneum Eramus De Pinte. The high school started up a nature project whereby wild bees are protagonists. This project is part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), an action plan of the Flemish government to stimulate young people to choose an education in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Go! Atheneum Eramus De Pinte want to motivate his students by organising dynamic projects with a clear purpose, in which they have to collect information to reach the goal. One of the project is creating a green school yard. They want to transform the desert landscape into a green oasis with a lot of diversity. Every year, there will be a smaller project to achieve this goal.


Last year, they had the possibility to work on a piece of land of 100 m². After a brainstorm session, the students decided to plant indigenous flowering plants and to build a visual attractive bee hotel that has a central position.

As natural company, Cosmogroup was eager to support this project. We organised information sessions for the students about bees, their way of living, their importance for nature and human and the practical implementation of the garden.