Electronic Batch Record System

Supplement industries like Cosmofarma are bound by strict regulations, high levels of control, transparency and traceability. These high levels of compliance and quality are necessary to sustain business and uphold patient safety and confidence.

As part of those regulations, authorities require that records be kept of each batch of product that cosmofarma produces. The information held in batch records can be accessed during assessments and is used to confirm that the appropriate procedures are followed, material inventory is controlled, operators’ identities and training levels are verified, and the necessary quality checks are performed.

For this reason we have implemented during the summer of 2018 an with a focus on streamlining workflows and visible traceability for our production and quality departments. We have integrated it with our other enterprise systems to reduce risk and improving data integrity.

We also use this innovative electronic batch record system in our Lean Manufacturing to assess the effectiveness of continuing product improvement strategies and initiatives.