Internal Operations of Cosmogroup

Since we find it really important to be on top of the game in terms of safety and prevention, we do our best to keep training our employees to be as safe as possible on the work floor.
Because we have this mindset we also do comply to the government-imposed regulations. Those regulations can only be for our own good/safety.

Therefore, as the law of the 4th of august 1996 suggests on the use of mobile work equipment, all employees whom are assumed to use forklifts within our company are supposed to receive an adequate training for the safe use of (mobile) work equipment. Anyone who use mobile work equipment as an employee holds a safety function. Those people are also obliged to get health surveillance every so often.


In the first week of October 2018 we’ve teamed up with “De Nestor”.
“De Nestor” is an organization which specializes in transport, logistics and safety.
In our case they came to our facility to provide us with a forklift safety training.

For more information check out their website:

how it went:

The education training included a theoretical part in the morning. In the afternoon we received a practical part,
both with an exam at the end of the course.

Safety denestor cosmofarma cosmotrend cosmogroup training In the morning we’ve learned everything there is to know about our forklifts we have in our facility.
For example how to drive as safe as possible on the workplace, safety precautions and maintenance of the vehicles.

We also learned more practical stuff such as how to properly inspect the vehicles in terms of safety and durability, etc… . At the end of the morning the employees were given a theoretical exam of 30 questions. The reason therefor was to see if they understood the theoretical part. After all passing for the exam, we moved on to the practical part in the afternoon.

In the afternoon all the employees whom are assumed to use the forklift due to their job duties got taken off an practical exam to see if they master the skills well enough to drive with one of the forklifts in our facility.

why did we follow this training:

The reason behind giving this course to our employees, besides the fact that it’s suggested by the law, is to give our employees the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from professionals in this specific work field.

Another reason is to prevent accidents on the work flour as much as possible.
Our employees are also trained to know how to act in the worst case scenario if something would happen.

A last reason why we’ve given this education is to give you a satisfying feeling. The good feeling that your products are in good hands and are properly and professionally handled.